Sunday, November 1, 2009

WOW- We are pretty terrible at updating this!! So, here it goes….

May ‘09

Zach & I started looking for our first home! The complex part was to find one, sign paper and move in before Zach left for Virginia for 6 months on June 23!
Luckily, we found a great real estate agent that took very good care of us and managed to show us around 15 houses in 2 weeks! Eventually we settled on the house we saw 3rd out of all of them and the packing began…

June ‘09

The days were running our until we needed to move out of our rental and until Zach left for Virginia

**FYI: Zach got a job as a Radiological Control Technician at the Naval Shipyard
I also work at and had to go to Virginia for training for 6 months! He left on June 23 and will be arriving home on December 4th (WOHOO!).

We found out how truly blessed we were when both my parents and Zach’s mom, Polly, wanted to help us move—which we gladly expected. We signed papers for the house on June 9th and moved in on June 12th and then Zach left for Virginia on the 23rd. It was a crazy few weeks!

July ‘09

The Blair family came to visit! They were mostly on vacation with Uncle Bob attending a conference for a few days… It was really nice to share the house with other people!
Then the next weekend Zach came home to visit and we bought our 1st new piece of furniture since we have been together! In case you are curious, it was a leather couch from JCPenny’s; no more gigantic sectional taking up the entire living room (I sold that on Craig’s list in a day)!
OOHH and my mom came and painted our kitchen a beautiful shade of orange (spiced curry) and 2 bathrooms a green color! We also went to IKEA (it was her first time) and she thought we would spend ~ 2 hrs there; it was 4.5 hrs! And the decorating began!

August ‘09

The first weekend was Kellie Rado’s wedding in Gig Harbor so my parents and grandma Karen came to stay with me… It was a beautiful wedding in sweltering temperatures but so much fun to chat and reminisce with the Rado’s and Titcomb’s.
My mom found time to paint my craft room (and extra bedroom) a lovely shade of pink (princess pink I believe). Who would have guessed that I would want a pink room?!

September ‘09

I went on my 1st adventure to Virginia to visit my hubby! We had a great time; we spent time at Virginia Beach laying in the sun, went to Washington DC and the national zoo, and spent time in Portsmouth/Norfolk relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. I had a fabulous time and I enjoyed it more than I ever thought I would…
After I got home I was in a class for work which kept me pretty busy until Sarah (we have been bff’s since kindergarten!) and her family came into town for a wedding. We had lunch at Amy’s on the Bay (one of my favorites!) and I got to meet Brenda’s side of the family and spend a night with the Meyer’s. It was wonderful to catch up!
The last weekend in September, Miss. Snipe’s came into town for some internship interviews (she is one of my best friends who is in her 2nd year of law school at Gonzaga!) and we got to hang out for the weekend! I never realized how much I miss my friends until they come to visit (probably better that way)! The very last week of this month, my mom and grandma came out to visit with the intentions of decorating while they were here… and that they did! My mom recovered 3 chairs AND hung pictures/etc. in my living room, bedroom, dining room AND finished my kitchen table (we sanded it down and painted the bottom & stained the top) AND set up my dining room like a real dining room… you might be thinking that I sound like a little kid, but this is our 1st house (as I keep repeating) and it looks like adults actually live there now and not just college kids!

Whew, that was a busy month!

October ‘09

So far this month has flown by (thankfully—only 6 weeks until Zachary comes home!)…
After Grandma Karen and mom left, I had one “free” weekend and then I went to Nashville (I met Zach there and we stayed with our good friend Allison who Zach has been friends with since the beginning of high school). We had a AWESOME time! It is a whole different world down there… when they say southern belle (think dressed to the 9s, perfect hair and makeup) they are not lying! I felt underdressed nearly everywhere we went (fortunately Zach & Allie where dressed like I was so we all stuck out together ;). Some highlights from the trip include a haunted tavern tour in downtown Nashville complete with scary ghost stories and themed drinks, a trip to the country music hall of fame and purchasing some cowboy boots (before you laugh… it was buy 1, get 2 free so we got a bargain). The trip wasn’t nearly long enough and we already want to go back and visit soon!

And here are some random pics...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where has the time gone?!

Good evening friends & family!!

I know we are terrible at updating our blog but I AM go
ing to get better. PROMISE!

This time a will do a time line of sorts to get up to date.

We went on our honeymoon to beautiful Hawaii & had an amazing time! We went to the volcano, the mac. nut factory, snorkeling
and the tattoo parlor!! All while we stayed at Uncle John & Auntie Vera's gorgeous new home and in a great hotel on the "turtle" beach in Kona. It was really great to see John & Vera and they took such good care of us-- Thanks again! As for the tattoos... Zach & I had discussed getting a matching one for our 1st year anniversary- so, we did,just a little bit early!

RANDOM: Check out Verna's Drive In! I had some very yummy teriyaki chicken there!

When we got home from the islands, it was time to find a house! We searched by ourselves for just one day and, then, we got a realtor. He was AMAZING; he took us to 13+ houses before we decided on one nestled away in the trees!

Smack in the middle of the chaos was out 1 year anniversary! YAY! Isn't it amazing how much has changed in a year? Paper-- that is the traditional 1st year anniversary gift-- so, we went to the mariner's v. twins game. We say 3 HR by the mariner's and 1 by the twins-- the mariner's cranked out a win of 5-4.

then, the parents came & THEN the parents conquered! Really, we are very grateful for all of their hard work! We now have a fence and a house with all-the-big-stuff put away-- although I am still looking for part of the crock pot?! hehehe, just kidding... but really does anyone have any idea where it is?

Just when everything has started to settle down... Zach had to pick up and leave for 6 months! His journey began on the red eye to Chicago & then further on the Norfolk. It only been 3 days since he has left and I know realize how blessed I am to be married to him! He is such a wonderful & caring man; how soon I forgot the poopy-puppy-smell is :(

This weekend I am off to garage sales & IKEA (this could be dangerous without my chaperon, Zach, there to be my conscious).

OH YEAH, and I'm going to the Roller Derby featuring the Slaughter County Roller Vixens of Bremerton versus Lilac City She Wolves of Spokane (Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr!)

Stay tuned for regular coverage of the not-so-exciting lives of the Angstead's!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are flying to Hawai’i tomorrow for our honeymoon! Honestly, it is hard to focus on anything besides the beach for the last few days… alas, there is still packing to be done L Check back in a week or so for a complete update!

Love, Mac & Zach

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Long time, no blogging!

We haven’t updated our blog for WAY to long… so, let get down to business.

President’s Day weekend, Miss Snipes came to visit us! She needed to hang out with people in-no-way affiliated with Gonzaga Law & we definitely needed some Kaydee lovin’. So, we wondered our way around our little town of Port Orchard & ended up taking the dogs for a walk in the park . Then, mysteriously, we ended up at Kels Irish Pub in Seattle... WEIRD! We had a great time and maybe a few too many drinks but it was an amazing time! Thanks K-Dizzle for your love and friendship!

This is a beautiful picture of our “commute” to work everyday—terrible view isn’t it!

During the end of February and beginning of March, I started talking a class for another qualification at work. It was an intense 3 week class in a windowless room… Needless to say, it was sooo much fun . BUT, while I was in class, Zach started working at the Shipyard! He is now in training to become a Radiological Control Technician, RadCon Tech. for short. So, far he has taken 3-4 tests and a couple weeks of classes and really seems to enjoy being back at work. He is starting to make friends at work and is really coming to under his job, to ensure that I nor anyone else has irradiated babies, among other responsibilities! We have both been busy & learning to balance our responsibilities; it has definitely been a lot of work but it is always an adventure.

This last week, our good friend Paul Purdom spent his spring break out here touring Seattle <& a “few” breweries.> While he was visiting, he and Zach let me tag along on their “man-date.” <-- Just kidding guys! We spend the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day in Seattle at Pike’s Market, Kels Irish Pub (there seems to be a reoccurring theme here...) and ended the day at The Crab Pot. This restaurant is famous for dumping a giant bucket of crab, shrimp, muscles, clams, oysters, salmon, halibut, corn, potatoes & andouille sausage.

This is the “cute” couple before dinner. And here is the table when we are finished w
ith dinner; it was delicious! The last great adventure before Paul left was the go to Fort Warden and wonder around the armories. There was a gorgeous, sandy beach that we got to dig our toes into.

Last, but certainly not least, the little girl…Jersey is over 30 lbs!! She has quite the personality & gives the big man a run for his $ whenever she can.

Monday, February 16, 2009

An Eventful Week!

Sorry everyone; we have been busier than normal with the new puppy and out with our good friend Kaydee visiting from Spokane! this has also been a week of learning...

Last week started out like most others; I went to work, then I came home to Zachary and our “little angels.” Then, I went to a new family practitioner to get a 2nd opinion about my diagnosis (really more of the lack of a diagnosis). I explained my symptoms and after that she looked at me with a stone-cold gaze and said, “There is nothing I can do for you; I mean, I just being honest.” The appointment went downhill from there…There was crying involved (on my part) and a lack of emotion from the dr. as well as another medication added to the list; lyrica. So far it seems to help with the pain, but we shall see. On the bright side, I have an appointment (set up by my regular dr.) with a rheumatologist. I have been feeling better the last few days, have had a little more energy, and had a lower level of pain; so I am one happy lady!

Also this week, I realized that our Montana/college friends are the most amazing people in the whole wide world! Each one of them has compassion and t

akes friendship very seriously. We miss them all and think of them everyday. I say this because we have few good friends out here in WA. The first couple, Tori & Travis, are from South Dakota/Wyoming, respectively, has helped us find everything from great restaurants to dog food in our town. The second couple, Adam & April, both from MT, are a sweet couple that are not attached to the shipyard. We have spent quite a bit of time with them at the dog park and talking about what we miss from MT (mostly the people :). We have a hard time making good friends because we are used to the wonderful and truly, honest, good friends, family, acquaintances, and even perfect strangers from MT.

Finally, our great friend Kaydee took time out of her crazy schedule (Gonzaga law student!!) to visit our little slice of pie! We has a few brews, went to Kels Irish Pub and drank beer ate sushi drank beer, and took naps without

drinking beer. It was a fantastic weekend of giggling girls and our faithful babysitter, Zach. It was a much needed weekend for both us and Kaydee; she hadn’t had a nap since Christmas break and we needed a good belly laugh! Kaydee has informed us that she wishes to be called “Aunty Kaydee” to our future little (human) rug-rats (& that’s why we love you Kaydee!!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

One More Week of Freedom...

...until Zach enters the work force as a Radiological Control Technician (in training)! SO, he is enjoying his time left by lounging around, playing with the dogs, brewing beer, and playing poker-- Awww the life! Did I mention Zach has been brewing beer? Well, right now we have an ESB bottled and drinkable, a sorghum beer in secondary for a few more day (then to bottling), and the picture is Purdom's Irish Red Ale! I don't think we have enough beer ;)

Meanwhile I have been working overtime to try and stay up to date! But, the best part is that I can't bore anyone with the details because then I would have to kill you-- hehehe. To say the least, work is my 4 letter word! Also, I have been taking a oodles of pictures with my camera. Here are a few...

apparently I was feeling a little fruity?! My favorite has to be the bat dogs!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This is our first shot at blogging so bear with us! Zach & I having been thinking about this for a long while now; we want to let our far-away family & friends (and our WA friends) get a peek at our newlywed ventures, joys, mishaps, frustrations and everyday life.

About a week ago, we adopted an adorable little girl…PUPPY, not a baby (but nice try, we are sorry to get your hopes up!)

Her name is Jersey Moo Cow (Jersey for short) and she is 15 weeks old. She has already gained 2 lbs and she is one crazy puppy! Of course, the old man that is Bailey took the entire 1st week to warm up to her but, now they are the best of friends; constantly playing and following him around. Jersey is learning a lot from Bailey (and not all lessons are for our benefit!). But that is enough about the dogs, for now.

And, YES, we are turning into the crazy people that have their dogs and only there dogs on the annual Christmas card!

In other news, my New Year’s resolution was to be healthy and determine why I feel so achy and exhausted. Well, I have been poked (too many times to count) and prodded until a test turned up positive. I have been tested for allergies, arthritis, lupus, a thyroid problem, celiac’s disease and diabetes—to name a few. Then, in a flash 2 tests turned out to be positive! I am vitamin D and vitamin B12 deficient. That means I get to be a meat-atarian—as many salmon and burgers that I can handle + some extra vitamin supplements. BUT, enough about my meat—hehehe!

My career as a nuclear engineer continues to challenge me everyday. I get to wear steel-toed boots and a hard hat at least 2x a week. You might ask, what happened to the little girl that LOVED to wear pink? Well, I just wear pink shirts and jackets with my hard hat and steel-toes! As for what I do at work--- I can’t tell you because I would have to kill you.

As for the wonderful and ever-talented Zachary, he has been a fantastic house husband- so much so that I don’t want him to go back to work! BUT, as many of you know, he will be starting a new job soon and he gets to “commute” with me! He is working for the shipyard as a Radiation Control Technician (RadCon Tech) a.k.a he makes sure our babies won’t be come out of the womb with an extra eye-ball (among other things)! For the few of you who don’t know, he will be going to Virginia for 22 weeks to get qualified as a RadCon Tech:( I don’t think about him being gone yet and we will deal with when we get there. And there are always the trips cross-country to visit one another!
He has gotten into the whole-home-brewing-thing. So far we have made 5 different brews—heffewiezen, chocolate stout, raspberry wheat, rye amber and an ESB. By the way, the “we” I speak of is more like “me and the turd in my pocket;” I am more of an assistant of all things that Zach doesn’t want to do! And I contribute a little something here and there from the chemical engineering degree.

That is all for now… to tide you all over, here is a cute video of Bailey & Jersey playing together!! AHHH, cute!!